Three Tips to Select the Perfect Wedding Magician

Three Tips to Select the Perfect Wedding Magician

A magician can bring so much fun on your wedding day, provided you hired a really talented one. And you must. Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life and you have to ensure that you, your spouse, and your guests are appropriately entertained. But how should you make your choice?

Know Their Different Specialisations

Not all magicians have the same tricks. More importantly, they specialise in entertaining various types of audiences. Some magicians only entertain children. Their tricks include having a rabbit jump out of a hat, unicycle riding, making water or liquid disappear from a glass, and things of that sort. For instance, Nick Crown specialises in Wedding Magician for London.

If you want a magician to entertain adults, you need to look for those who can perform mind-reading tricks or card games. This magician should have tricks that the human mind cannot logically explain. In some cases, magicians want to perform grand tricks that require huge apparatuses, such as making a person disappear. You have to be clear about what you want to see.

Set a Budget

Hiring a magician is an added cost and the talent fees may be extravagant. They will only perform between 30 minutes to an hour. This is not to say that you have to hire whoever offers the cheapest price. There are many people out there who know just a trick or two and claim that they are magicians. What you want is to have magicians who have what it takes to awe your audience. This quality of talent comes at a price, of course.

See for Yourself

All businesses will advertise themselves. They have flashy websites and all that. The problem is you can never be too sure about a magician’s service unless you have seen it yourself. Thanks to the Internet because you will definitely find a video of the magician you are looking forward to hire. All it takes is to search it online.

Make sure that you also ask for referrals. Surely, you have a friend or an acquaintance who has hired somebody to perform before. Look for wedding pictures and observe if the crowd is happy. Remember too that the testimonials of these customers are crucial to the decision you make.

The last resort is to watch the magician himself. You can ask for a live demonstration so you can see him in action. If you do not get entertained, there is no reason to hire him.

10 Biggest Wedding Trends for 2015

10 Biggest Wedding Trends for 2015

Do you want to know what’s hot when it comes to weddings in 2015? Here are some of the latest wedding trends for this year – from handy wedding planning apps to movie-inspired bridal fashion.

Useful Apps for Wedding Planning
There’s an app for almost everything, including wedding planning. Be organized from honeymoon itinerary to wedding favors and registry with apps such as TaskRabbit and Lyft.

Boho and Wild West Wedding Themes
Most couples go for either Boho Chic or Wild West wedding theme. If you prefer Boho, choose between cocktail lounges and picnic-style dining. Be inspired by Coachella. Use bright, festive colors. Bridesmaids can wear similar dresses in different colors while brides have a modern take on the bell-sleeve wedding dresses. Celebrate the big day on your backyard or in an open field. If you like Wild West-inspired weddings, get leather accents, distressed lounges, cowhide rugs, and antler motifs. Have a lovely rustic ranch setting. Choose wildflower bouquets and copper mugs for drinks.

Drone Wedding Photography and Videography
Never miss a scene from one of the most special days in your life. Count on wedding photographers who use drones to capture the wedding ceremony and reception from every angle possible. Videographers use not only their trusty video cameras but also GoPro cameras to record creative shots from the aisle to the dance floor.

Innovative Food and Drink Stations
Ask your caterer or food stylist for innovative food station suggestions. Hang your salads or put doughnuts on the wall. Have a beer garden that most of your adult guests will surely enjoy.

Men’s Wear-Inspired Bridal Outfits
Forget about traditional wedding gowns. Consider men’s wear inspired outfits for an edgy look. Famous bridal designers have been introducing jumpsuits, chic bridal shorts, and separates, and most brides love them. If you want to keep your soft side, wear a tulle overlay.

Marsala for a Romantic Feel
Marsala is not only a great lip color. This rich wine red is the definition of sophistication. Have bridesmaid dresses in this stylish color or a bouquet made from dahlias and peonies.

Unique Wedding Venues
Say your vows somewhere your friends would never expect you would. Several couples have tied the knot in unique venues, such as museums and caves.

The Third Dress
Have you ever heard of brides wearing three different dresses for the ceremony and the reception? If you are having difficulty choosing from fashionable wedding dresses, enjoy each part of your special day with three different dresses: a ball gown for the ceremony, a sleek dress for the reception, and a mini-dress for the after-party.

Cinderella Wedding
From castle venue to multitier cake, you can absolutely take a page from the latest Cinderella movie. Most brides would love to be a Cinderella for a day – a big ball gown and lace gloves. Grooms can go over the top, too. Try three-piece

Photo Booths

If you’ve been to a wedding in 2014, I’m almost certain you would have come across a photo booth. They are brilliant for adding some real fun for the adults and kids and at around £500 for the night, very good value! OMG! Photo Booths Hertfordshire say, “a moment captured is a memory for life”. This is so true, many photos are being taken on the night, the photo booth sets these aside.